How do I forward email to another account?

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Loginto cPanel and search for the section titled ‘Email’.  there you will see a link to create forwards.


If you are still on our legacy server, see below.

Login to the email administration interface at: postmaster.purplecat.netwith your user account:

User Account: [your email address before the ‘@’ symbol]
Domain: [your email address after the ‘@’ symbol]
Password: [your password]

Once logged in, look for the section named “Routing”. Click on the button next to “Forward To:”, then enter the forwarding address in the text field. If you want your messages saved locally, check the box next to “Save a Copy”.

Once done click “Modify User” and log out.

Then send yourself an email to make sure it’s working. Just let us know if you have any difficulty and we’ll help you out.

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