How do I check my email?

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How do I check my email?

You can view your mail directly via the webmail client by connecting to:


To configure a third party mail client application (mac mail, windows 10 mail, thunderbird, outlook, etc…) use these settings:

IMAP/POP/SMTP Server name:

Your full email address configured in cPanel

The password you configured in cPanel


Your mail client software should autodetect the correct settings for the connection, if you need to manually configure them here are the recommended details:

Secure (SSL/TLS) encrypted connections.

IMAP: port 993

POP: port 995

SMTP: port 465

All connections require authentication, your username is your full email address.


Increasingly, we find mail on the internet to be something better suited to larger providers who have access to millions of messages they can use to better refine their anti-spam/phishing/malware applications.  as a result, they also may have better results insuring mail deliverability.  We have customers who find both Microsoft’s and Google’s business mail offering to be good alternatives to what smaller hosts can provide.



If you are using our legacy mail server, follow the instructions below:


Configure your mail client software (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc) with the following:

Incoming Mail
IMAP server =
POP3 server =


Outgoing Mail
SMTP server =

NOTE: SMTP server port must be set to 587, and SMTP server requires authentication (usually found in “advanced settings”).

We recommend using an encrypted connection to check mail: to do so, choose SSL or TLS with any server options above.

The username is your full email address. For example:

You will need to authenticate with the mail server before you can send mail. There is usually an option for “my SMTP server requires authentication” in your client, where you should also set the SMTP port to 587. If you are asked to select an authentication method, choose ‘Plain’, ‘Password’, or ‘CRAM-MD5’.

You can also check your mail via the webmail interface at:

If you prefer the roundcube mail client to squirrel mail, you can use it as well:

Instructions for a variety of mail clients can be found here:

For IMAP connections in iOS, set the “IMAP Path Prefix” in Advanced Settings to “INBOX”.

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